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Our story

During the Haussmannian Paris transformation, Gabriel Davioud built this building which hides behind its doors an uncommon place in Paris. The building opened its doors in 1866 as a department store: Les Magasins Réunis.


The location is perfect. Indeed, it was already in the junction of 3 important districts of Paris: the Marais, Faubourg du Temple and Popincourt, and therefore at the edge of one of the largest squares in Paris: the Republique place. ​


A lot of different happenings were housed such as the Circus Myers in the interior courtyard then covered, the Salon of Painting and Temporary Exhibitions or a Bazaar. ​


In 1893, the "Hotel Moderne Palace" took place in the building and changed the nature of this establishment. The terrace was then installed on the 1st floor so that the shops could continue their activity on the ground floor. Then, in 1979, the hotel undertook major transformations and became Holiday Inn and afterward Crowne Plaza Paris-République in 2009. ​


The terrace was then used less and less and, during the last renovation in 2019, the general manager, Christophe Charolles, decided to use this space of 1,200 sqm which is quite uncommon to have in Paris. The location remains perfect, in addition to have been pedestrianized, the Place de la République is important for parisians, because it is the point of junction of 3 arrondissements (3rd, 10th, 11th) and therefore a place rich in cultural events.

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